Helping a country, changing lives.

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The organisation has been rescuing and caring for children in Nepal since 1999. They rescue any children that have been trafficked throughout Nepal. The children are provided with medical attention, counselling, food, clothing and access to to education and a safe home until they have traced their families and can safely reunite with them. So far Child rescue Nepal have rescued over 800 children. Pursued and prosecuted 24 traffickers. 
There are still thousands of children who need help. We wont stop until everyone of them are free.


The animals in Nepal, which are many, are in desperate need of help and support. There are thousands of street dogs that are suffering due to lack of care, love and food. My aim is to help provide resources for the welfare of as many homeless animals as possible. Once I have funds my focus is to open a small vets where I can gather a great  team so we can offer spaying and neutering for the street dogs. Being a huge animal lover, I believe all animals have the right to be here on this earth, just as we do. If you can help volunteer with the animals in Nepal please do get in touch.


Blessed hope was established in 2013 by three women from the mountains of eastern Nepal. They are uneducated but with the help of many friends they were able to start and grow a wonderful business which has provided amazing opportunities for them all in their community. They taught themselves to make beautiful beaded jewelry and work hard to help many other women in Nepal. They strive to enhance and enrich the lives of the artisans that they work with, who are from villages throughout the Himalayan mountains of Nepal.


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